Valley House Rehab has a wonderful and relaxing atmosphere. We pride ourselves on the maintenance of the facilities. Being more of a home and less of an institution, there is care in the decor, landscaping and furniture.

To schedule a Tour of Valley House Rehab call 408-988-7667 or email us.

We provide numerous amenities to our patients, including:

  • Personal support with activities of daily living
  • Enhanced meals and snacks
  • Personalized activity programs
  • 24-hour skilled nursing care
  • Cable Television
  • Case Management
  • Interdisciplinary team including Physician

 We know how important it is for patients to stay connected to family and friends during their stay! That's why we provide: 

  • Google Chrome "Laptop Bar"
  • High-Speed Internet for Personal In-Room Use
  • Direct TV with Over 100 Channels on Personal In-Room Televisions
  • Netflix Subscriptions for Group Viewing
  • Activities on iPads


"The second time in our American life we use services of Valley Rehabilitation House Center (991 Clyde Avenue, Santa Clara, California 95050) for our parents. At first time for my husband's father, who was living in Valley House for 4 years until 2003. Now my mother moved there in Nov 2014.

It is always not an easy step for us to make this new arrangement working for our parents when they became sick and helpless. We cannot take care of them full time and we have to choose the place for them to live.

This time my mother was transferred to the Valley Rehabilitation House from O'Connor Hospital. We didn't have any doubts that it was the right place for her. Valley House is highly professional place. She was placed to the Dementia Unit, and the management of this unit is great. Workers on all level here are caring and responsible. The rooms are clean. Units 3 and 4 are closed Units for dementia patients. They can go for a walk to the garden only. Often we see musicians, singers, magicians in the activity rooms. The most impressive was the visit of a few beautiful  big dogs whom everybody who wanted could pet. Bingo is an everyday life. And whenever I come I see the smile on the faces of the nurses and the housekeeping staff. It is not easy to get used to the new place, but you know that your old mother or father are taken care of and the level of this care is high."

– Larisa K. | Reviews | San Jose | Yelp Inc. | September 12, 2015

"I went to visit my godmother this past Friday for the first time since she was admitted to Valley House from another facility where she got a really nasty bedsore. The facilities were pretty clean and the activities were decent, and even the food looked okay. I was so upset at the state that the other facility left my godmother in that I had a hard time trying to look happy for her.

Then the treatment nurse (Deanna? Diana?) knocked on the door and came in. She dressed my godmother's wounds while I waited on the other side of the curtain and did it so gently that I was amazed. She explained everything that she was doing and why and made sure we understood what good, thorough care she was taking of my Mawmaw. My godmother didn't even saw ow, and she loves to complain about EVERYTHING. She told me after Michelle, that this lady was her favorite treatment nurse because she was always so quick and so thorough and careful and gentle. I felt so much better about leaving my godmother in this facility especially since our bad experience with the last one. Thank you Valley House!"

– Rachel J. | Reviews | Omaha | Yelp Inc. | March 21, 2016

"My husband is in Valley House for the 3rd time. He is now there for physical therapy. I must say when I first came I was a bit apprehensive being that this was our first stint at a rehabilitation center. All my anxieties were put aside by talking to Lorna and learning that any concerns or issues are to be brought to management's attention and any adjustments that are required would be made right away. 

I am very happy that the nurses and staff remember my husband and treat him with respect and kindness. This type of treatment helps the healing process. I feel quite confident that my husband will be up and walking on his own very soon. I must mention one of the CNA's "JOHN" that young man is the kindest, considerate and loving individual I've ever known, no matter what the task he does it with a smile and a kind  word; with people like him working at Valley House all the patients will thrive and get better sooner than later!! 

As with any business you cannot please all the people all the time but I see that Valley House is really trying to do a good job and I appreciate that immensely!"

–Jan W. Reviews | Santa Clara | Yelp Inc. | June 22, 2015

"Simply amazing care! Exceeded all our expectations! My mom has very advanced Alzheimer's. When caring for her at home was no longer possible, we placed her to Valley House in their long term care unit about 1 year ago. It was a very difficult decision to place her in an "institution". However, it was the best thing we've done for her, and at this point I don't think of Valley House as an "institution."

First, about staff- main reason for five stars. The staff is simply amazing! So caring and warm, they seem like they truly care about their patients/ clients. The multidisciplinary team is involved, and keeps us updated. The unit manager Manya is just unbelievable, she knows all her clients by first name, takes time to get to know the families, and is always available. Everyone is incredibly supportive, warm and caring. They are very patient with residents, and manage to keep smiling. It makes a huge difference, and gives the family peace of mind. My mom is always clean, safe, and comfortable.

Secondly, about the facility. The rooms are very small, some are double, some are triple. The space in the room is very- very limited. They basically have hospital beds, curtains between the beds, small bedside tables, small wardrobe for clothes, and small TV mounted to the wall for each bed. When we first visited the facility, the rooms seemed too crammed. And yes, if somebody is agitated and screaming you will hear them scream. However, the common areas are very nice and spacious. Most people hang out in the activity room, dining room or in the hallways during the day, so the residents' rooms are only used when the resident is in bed. Everything is VERY well maintained. Walls are painted and have art work on them, common areas and the lobby have nice furniture and nice décor. The place is clean, there isn't any odor like so many other places have. Even the facility's façade is painted in fresh bright colors. Lastly, there are few outdoor areas with nice landscaping and patio furniture, it definitely is nice to get outside when we visit.

In summary, out of the places that accept insurance that we visited, this one is by far the best for long term care. I am very happy with the care my mom receives, I trust this place, and have a piece of mind. If you are looking for a place for your loved one, I am sorry you are in this position, but I would definitely recommend Valley house."

– Dmitriy D. | Reviews | San Jose | Yelp Inc. | September 12, 2015

"Throughout the years, I have had various family/friends that had assistance at various rehabilitation/assisted living facilities.  Experiences have been all over the place and the best experience has been with the staffing at this facility! From the front office:

  • Billing department knows their stuff and is willing to clarify why/how charges are to benefit the patient.  Very calm and patient with an understanding what close family members are going through.  Definitely has stayed calm and collective even throughout debates. Make sure to see Andrea, she is very knowledgeable and informative!
  • Social Services takes the time to get to know the patient and the support (family/friends). Karen rocks the house!
  • Admitting. Simple process and made it relatively easy for families to understand what the process is to making things happen!
  • Nursing staff. Hardworking and care for patients.  Wants to make sure that the patients are as comfortable as possible, whatever the circumstances may be. Knowledgeable staff and would trust them with my family.
  • Overall a clean facility with happy people!

Keep it up Valley House! Why does Valley House get 5 stars? Because they are as good as it gets!"

– Tanaka K. | Reviews | San Jose | Yelp Inc. | February 10, 2016